Thursday, 28 February 2013

Blogruary Day 27: The Character Flaw

I've begun to notice that I have an aspect of my personality that is most likely to bleed me dry of all my money. In the words of Conor Maynard, "I just can't say no".

In order to complete my copy for the pull-out, I'm sure I've mentioned that, I had to go to student services at university which required a quick walk from campus.

I walked out the main doors and I noticed a man with an iPad waving at me to grab my attention.

He told me he was from LoveFilm and whether I liked movies.

"Yes!" was my response to his movie question, perhaps a tad too enthusiastically.

He then told me he was offering three months for the price of one and then I started to say yes.

I do want a LoveFilm or NetFlix account but I simply don't have the time or money at this point. I was starting to worry, as you do with any street seller, that he was going to make off with my bank details, but just by encouraging me and talking with me he had me in that position where I just can't say no.

This has happened before where I signed up to give a charity a fiver a month just because a lady stopped me in the street.

How do I convincingly say no to these people without appearing rude or impolite? Answers on a postcard please or down there in the comments section.

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