Monday, 11 February 2013

Blogruary Day 11: The Second Attempt at Cycling

As I've previously documented, I've started cycling to university. It was the start of a new week today so I thought - why not cycle every day?

It is a lot more effort than walking but it takes a lot less time. I woke up this morning after a generous lie-in and woke to the worst of news.

"It's snowing outside!" My sister shouted from her bedroom.

This was bad news as this would mean my path to campus would be covered in mud and I would get wet on my journey in.

You would expect that a little bit of mud wouldn't be too bad, but there is something that I should warn you. My bike doesn't have mud-guards.

I braved it outside and took my bike round to the front of the house ready for departure. I cleaned the seat of excess water (I don't want a wet bottom!) and then I set off.

Whenever I went to brake, a loud and piercing squeak would come from the tyres clearly in need of an oil. I reached the first alley-way and I tried to best avoid the puddles but, alas, there were too many. I looked down to my feet and noticed that my shoes and jeans were splattered in mud.

I slowly pedalled the rest of the way to further avoid being caked in mud and I finally reached campus, cold and wet. I took off my bag to get my lock out and then I noticed that copious amounts of mud were on my bag, my bright yellow bag.

Fearing the worst I checked my back by taking off my coat. It too was sadly covered in mud. It's fair to say I wasn't happy.

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