Monday, 9 January 2012

The One Direction Album

I should feel embarrassed. I really should. I say this because I have just made a statement that no twenty-year-old male should come out with.

"I'm listening to the One Direction album". Yeah, I said that. And now I'm writing that down.

I didn't just announce this in a despotic manner, thinking that what I am doing is of noteworthy importance that my sister needed to know. We were discussing music and I accidently let slip this admission.

I was fearing the worst. I thought she would laugh at the very least.

"Oh cool, I like them. Their song is pretty good" she replied, to my suprise.

"Yeah, that's their best one. Their other song is pretty good too and I have to say the album isn't bad". Why was I making this worse? Why was I admitting that I actually do like One Direction? Only 13 year old girls are meant to like them.

"What song is that?"

"Gotta Be You". I preceded to sing the song so she would familiarise herself with the song. I am a kind brother like that.

"Oh that's not very good"

Oh. There I was thinking we were bonding over One Direction, only for her to ridicule that notion by claiming she doesn't like Gotta Be You. How dare she.

So, I will admit it and I will say it out loud and proud. I like One Direction.

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  1. Hi! Thanx for joining the group in bloggers. You are so gorgeous. Love your blog so much. Please follow my blog first, I will follow you back...

  2. Gotta be your own man, Alex. Who gives a stuff what anybody else thinks? Well done.