Friday, 6 January 2012

The Quiz: Part Three

I write this post in anger. Despair. Frustration. Hate. Well, not hate, that's going a bit far.

As it is the winter break from university, my group of friends are all back home and our pub quiz team is re-united once again. Last week saw us perform in an admirable fashion but fall short once again.

This week was different though. For a start, it was a quiz that was going to comprise of questions reviewing 2011, a year in which all of our team lived. So one would expect that we'd be pretty knowledgeable about the year. Also, it was Michael's birthday. Naturally, we would hope for some birthday luck.

We decided to call ourselves Happy Birthday Michael. A witty name, I think you will find. Under this new guise we performed at the top of our game, knocking up scores that we don't usually knock up.

After the sports round, we were still in with a chance. This was a first for our team. We were just one point off the top and we could smell victory as we were confident of getting a near perfect score on the music round.

We did. We got 14 and a half out of 15. We also scored 17 out of 20 on the picture round. I was sure of victory. So sure, I could envisage spending the prize money. Heck, even the Bar Team were playing poorly and they always win.

Did we win?

No. We bloody didn't. We were beaten by a team of twenty including someone that we all knew. Disaster. We lost out by just 2 points.

I am gutted. I thought this was our week. I thought this would be the time that we would finally triumph.

On the plus side, we finally broke the 60 point barrier, a first for the team. Small crumbs of comfort, I guess.

What can be guarenteed is that we will be back there next week. We will no doubt fail to win, yet again. Wish us luck.

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  1. A team of twenty??? Are they mad? What did they win, 20p each? The pub should set a limit on team numbers - 20 is just not cricket, old man.