Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Blog With 30 Facts About Me

It occurred to me last night, whilst laying in bed, that you don't know too much about me. Sure you can see my little profile picture, you can read the description caption whilst I give you little snippets about my life, but surely it'll be more fun for you to read my blog if you knew more about me.

So, here's a chronological list of facts about me ranging the interesting to the bizarre.

1) I live in Kingston-upon-Thames with my parents and two sisters.

2) I go to Reading University where I study Politics and International Relations.

3) I am 6ft 1" tall.

4) I am right-handed.

5) I did A Levels in Business Studies, English Literature and Sociology.

6) I watch a lot of television. My favourite shows are: Eastenders, Doctor Who and Made in Chelsea.

7) Politically, I support the Liberal Democrats... still.

8) I support Fulham FC.

9) My favourite Fulham player is Clint Dempsey.

10) I love music. My favourite bands/artists are: Bloc Party, We Are Scientists, Get People and Marina and the Diamonds.

11) I do love chart music as well. I am quite embarrassed to admit that I love this weeks #1 song, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.

12) I am going to study for a Masters degree in Journalism starting in September.

13) I love steak. Hence, I could never be vegetarian.

14) Coca-Cola is the greatest drink ever, in my opinion.

15) I'd love to be a writer in the future. If I could, then it'd be a dream to write Danny Wallace-style books.

16) I played Ultimate Frisbee for about 8 weeks at university. In a surprising turn of events, I found out that it's a really tough sport.

17) My favourite colour is red.

18) My favourite clothing brands are: Hollister, Topman and Superdry. You can call me a douche for that.

19) My favourite film of all time is Hotel Rwanda. I also love Cool Runnings and the Mr Bean movie.

20) I love XFM. It's a great radio station.

21) I think BBC3 is a criminally underrated TV channel.

22) I just spelt underrated wrong and had to correct it. I'm not as clever as I think.

23)  I'd love to go travelling. So far, I've only been to Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Cyprus.

24) I think a pub quiz is the greatest thing ever.

25) I really want to live in Brighton at some point in my life.

26) My mobile phone is an iPhone 4S.

27) I have a really small bedroom. It is literally about the width and length of Peter Crouch.

28) I once broke my arm in a drunken incident. I ended up requiring surgery which was a fun experience.

29) I am going to turn 21 soon. It frightens me how old I am getting.

30) I apparently can't think of any more facts about myself.

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  1. I liked this post, it helped me to get to know you a bit better. :)
    And one of my A Level subjects is English Literature too. I have the exam in about one month's time, but instead of studying for it, I'm sitting online reading your blog. Don't know how that will help me get an A in the subject though, haha.
    I love steak too. :D And I'd love to go travelling as well, so far the only place I've been to is America.

  2. Hello Neshmia,

    Glad to hear you liked the post and are reading my blog. Good luck with your English Lit exam, I hope you get that A grade!! :)

    1. Thanks. :) I watched your High Five Friday video, it was pretty funny. Too bad about the lack of response from the general public though. :p

  3. Haha thankyou, yeah that didn't go too well :(

    1. Yeah the public here isn't that friendly either. :/
      Though I can tell you that if I'd been there, I would most definitely have returned the high five, haha.