Monday, 2 July 2012

The Writing Rant

Hello blog friends.

I am sad to report some bad news that I've just received via the brilliant medium of electronic mail. I've been unsuccessful in my quest to win this years The Sun Column Idol competition. Naturally I am disappointed that I was rejected but in a field of thousands of writers, it was understandable.

Whilst trawling through my e-mails, I also enjoy surfing the internet.

I opened up Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the two forums that I frequent. This time though my little surf opened my eyes to something that I have always considered yet batted away.

I hate people who write in a pretentious way using complex sentence structures and words that have clearly been discovered through extensive use of a thesaurus. When reading what these people write, it is a struggle and it drains from the entertainment factor that should occur through reading.

I enjoy the story and the simplicity behind the story. That is why my two favourite authors are Danny Wallace and Bret Easton Ellis. They tell fantastic stories and through simple, fun language and styles.

The one golden rule that I now have for my writing which I have developed since starting this blog, undertaking the final year of my degree and now undertaking a journalism postgraduate course is that I should keep my writing as simple as possible and to tell the story in a way which the median/mean/mode reader will enjoy.

The story should be told, it shouldn't be diluted and forced.

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  1. Hi, I enjoy reading your blog so I nominated you for the versatile blogger award of the month! Ps. I agree simple writing is much better, I prefer when people just get to the point rather then using elaborate vocabulary to just say nothing in the end! Good luckk dude!

    xx MAG

  2. Hey, thanks very much for nominating me! Could you tell me more about this award?

    I checked out your blog, seems very cool, now following it!

  3. You're welcome! There should be more about it on this website:
    And thanks :) have a great week! xx