Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Bloc Party Gig

It's a Sunday afternoon and, quite frankly, I am bored. Oh so bored.

Hence, I am now reflecting on what was a pretty monotonous week itself. I had to work a couple of times at my local pub, I went to the pub with a couple of friends to watch and England and I went to a friends' 21st birthday party.

There was one highlight of the week though. 

On Thursday night, I went to see my favourite band, Bloc Party, play live on their first tour in three years. 

Earlier in the day, I went back to Reading to clear out my student house with my house-mate in order to receive as much of our deposits back as possible. There was one further issue as well, I had no one to go to the gig with. 

I offered pretty much every friend I have the free ticket. Sadly, everyone rejected the offer with there being a wide range of reasons why they couldn't attend. 

Who did I turn to?

My sister. Yes, my sister who has previously gone to a couple of We Are Scientists gigs with me. I warned her that the moshing and jumping from the crowd would be more ferocious, but she batted away my warnings. 

I told her to be ready to leave our house at 3:45. We caught our train on time and then via the underground we reached Koko in anticipation of a large queue. 

Just a few people were there. I even knew a couple of them due to them being fellow Bloc Party fans. 

After a couple of hours of queueing we entered the venue and got right on the barrier, in front of Kele. The perfect position. 

The support band, Story Books, performed. I can't think of a more apt description than to label them as very average.

Bloc Party then came on stage after an hour of waiting and immediately launched into some new tracks. There aren't enough superlatives in the English language to describe how amazing they were but I will tell you that I had a big grin on my face throughout the entire gig. I realise that makes me sound very simple. 

I asked my sister at the end what she thought. She responded by telling me that she was in agony due to the moshing and pushing going on and that she felt like she had been physically abused. 

She doesn't want to ever go to a Bloc Party gig again.