Monday, 18 June 2012

The Degree Results

It's not often that I say this, but I had quite the enjoyable weekend.

That would be quite a disservice to many previous previous weekends that I have experienced in my life, but this weekend was particularly good and better than at least 80% of those aforementioned previous weekends.

I travelled back to Reading on Friday morning to pick up my final degree result. I had previously tried to play down the importance of the result and give off the defined image of cool and collected but on the way to to notice board with our results on, quite frankly, I was bricking it.

I had never known nervousness of the sort. If you had asked me about prior moments of true nerves then I would have pointed you to moments in my life such as waiting to find out whether I had made it into university or the final day of the 2007/2008 Premier League season where Fulham just managed to avoid relegation.

As I am going down the Masters route instead of employment, it seemed vital that I gain a 2:1 to ensure that I have the strongest CV possible.

I walked up to the board with some of my friends and in the large crowd gathered around the board there was a vast range of human emotion on display. There was joy, tears, disappointment and some very delirious people.

I scanned the board for my name and spotted it halfway down the list. My eyes moved towards the result and my heart began to pound even harder.

"Second Class First Division"



  1. Congrats! I get my results in a couple of weeks. Luckily its all done online though. I couldn't handle everyone seeing if I have failed or not! :)

  2. Thanks! Good luck with your results :)