Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Daily Mail Article

I was flicking through the Daily Mail this morning when I came across an article which heavily indicated that I am not a grown-up. In fact, it indicated that I am nowhere near being able to say that I am a grown-up.

The article is, quite simply, a list of fifty activities that a typical grown-up would do.

Admittedly, they aren't the most exciting of activities. They include such life highlights as owning a vacuum cleaner and having a joint bank account.  Yeah, I did warn you they weren't exactly the most thrilling rights-of-passage.

Of the fifty indicators, I only fulfilled twelve. I know that is poor but at least I can cook a meal from scratch and I do my own washing. We all know that is what every girl looks for in a guy.

I can safely say that I am not too disappointed by my score though, if being a grown-up is simply achieved through owning a joint bank account then I'd rather attain the notion of being a grown-up through something far more exciting.

See if you get a higher score than I did and leave me a comment below with your score. Follow the link here:

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