Sunday, 10 February 2013

Blogruary Day 9: The Night Out in London

This blog is late, but for good reason.

Last night, I went out in London for two reasons. A friend of mine was having a birthday pub crawl and I was due to meet some friends from my time at Reading University.

Starting out at Yates in Leicester Square, my friend and I arrived pretty late so in a hurry, I chose a pint of Greene King IPA which I quickly had to drink as we were due to move on.

In my quest to like ale, I was surprised to discover that Indian Pale Ale perhaps isn't my favourite.

In the search for the next pub we walked all the way from Leicester Square to Charing Cross and eventually settled on a pub called Montagu Pyke.

I have never seen a Wetherspoons pub this large, but it was still rammed to the masses full of people watching rugby. Still, we made camp by the pub quiz machine and proceeded to waste pound after pound.

A few hours later my friends from university turned up and I proceeded to chat to them for a fair portion of the rest of the night.

I went back to my friends and noticed they were all considerably more drunk than when I'd left them.

As it was meant to be pub golf, I was lent a flat cap for the evening and my friends from uni noticed that it was the first time they'd seen me in a hat, however they noted that it looked pretty good.

It reached half-eleven and we walked back to Waterloo station and got the train back to Kingston in the search for food. It was then that I decided that I will definitely purchase a flat cap.

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