Thursday, 14 February 2013

Blogruary Day 14: The Degree Dilemma

This has been a difficult week for everyone on my MA course. It has been a long and dragging week with little good news.

As I previously wrote on Tuesday, our pull-out ideas were panned by our teacher despite it being a fair group effort that included all those who regularly attended.

We didn't finish on Tuesday until six and when I returned home I discovered that one of the graduate schemes I had applied for had been filled by people who already wrote part-time for The Guardian. That set off this disheartening, disappointing mood that set the tone for the week.

Wednesday was another long day that pushed us to the limit with Shorthand exams looming and the stress levels rising.

Over lunch today, I discussed these issues with some course mates. We all agreed that the course had been structured with too many deadlines set this term, Shorthand would be difficult to pass, we would probably fail some other modules and we discussed the merits of each lecturer.

I am a natural worrier. I worry about the most minor of things but this course is really proving a test beyond what I could ever have imagined.

What will make it worse is if I can't even secure a job quickly in May. That'll really prove to be the final kick in the private parts.

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