Sunday, 10 February 2013

Blogruary Day 10: The Semi-Productive Sunday

One of my New Year's resolutions was to limit the amount of alcohol that I drink.

I declared that I would avoid drinking where possible and when I did, I would only have three pints if down the pub and four pints if I were going out-out. So far it has gone well and I've yet to wake up with a hangover or reach a state of drunkenness.

I was close to giving up alcohol all together, however, as I've recently gained a taste for ale and enjoyed exploring the length of breadth of all things ale, I decided not to go the whole hog.

Whilst I went out last night for eight hours, I didn't exceed my limit and once I had reached my golden number I drank two whole pints of lime and soda and a half-pint of Pepsi. This ensured that I woke up today clear-headed and ready to work.

After a well-deserved weekend lie-in, I got straight down to work by reading the Sunday papers. As a journalism student, I think I can get away with calling that work.

I had to act as a taxi driver for my dad and sister at different times in the day but I managed to write a blog, draft a cover letter and finish off my plans for another job application.

As I have another set of shorthand exams on Friday, I'm about to get down to practising my Teeline speed.

Oh, I also did my weekly washing. Aren't Sundays brilliantly boring?

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