Saturday, 16 February 2013

Blogruary Day 16: The Bath

I usually have a bath on a Sunday night ahead of a stressful week of degree week. However, I decided to mix that routine up tonight.

My mum and sister went to visit my grandma during the week and they went shopping in Solihull. My sister came back before my mum and brought with her a bath-bomb from Lush.

I love Lush. It smells nice, its products are top quality and bath-time is much improved with a bath-bomb. My mum had brought me a bath-bomb that I had tried before. Big Blue. It was billed by the shop-assistant as being their most manly scent and when I tried it in a bath it was lovely.

It turns out that I am working at the pub tomorrow and I have a lot of deadlines due for next week at uni so going to the gym on Monday morning after Shorthand was a no-go.

Therefore, as I need a shower to start the day I decided that I would move my bath ever so conveniently from Sunday night to Saturday.

I've just got out the bath and I smell incredible. In fact, if you were to walk straight past me you would think that you had just passed a Lush shop.

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