Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blogruary Day 3: The Meal

I usually work on Sunday afternoons but as I ended up doing a shift yesterday night, today the world was my oyster.

My sisters usually don't stay in during the weekend due to work and seeing their boyfriends, but one of them came home early in the morning so my parents, sister and I went into Kingston to do some shopping.

I regularly go shopping with my mum, so it was a rare suggestion from my dad that led to us frequenting the town centre. He needed to buy some clothes but we all knew that it would be a slightly painful and arduous journey so he tempted us all with a meal at our favourite pub.

After parking, we immediately headed to Primark and within seconds my dad had found a suitable shirt. We made a slight stop on the way to BHS by heading into Ryman's were I brought a new notepad, shorthand pad and a Comic Relief clicky pen. Exciting.

Eventually we arrived in BHS and the picky side to my dad's shopping personality shone through as he took an age to decide between the exact colours of two different chinos. We had to persuade him to go and try them on and, after a lengthy trial, he chose the slightly cream over blue.

Incredibly, we were finished within an hour so we made our way to The Berry for lunch. We brought drinks - I had a Youngs - and then ordered our food. I chose the beef burger (hopefully lacking horse) and asked around the table what everyone had ordered. My mum had plumped for the welsh rarebit. Now, I thought this was a bit of meat so when the food arrived and I saw some sickly colour spread on toasted bread arrive I was ever-so surprised. It turns out it was meant to be cheese-on-toast.

Halfway through her first slice and my mum dramatically declared that she didn't like it. The table gasped in shock. How could she say this about our favourite pub?

We googled what welsh rarebit was actually meant to include and it does seem like the cheese was wrong. The bar-girl collected our plates and my mum explained that she didn't really like it. How can I ever show my face in this pub again?

I tried to save face. I had to, I simply needed to recover the situation.

"Well my burger was really nice!" I said enthusiastically to the bar-girl.

Situation recovered.

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