Monday, 18 February 2013

Blogruary Day 18: The Room

There is a computer room at university that is specially assigned to Master's students. Today, it was taken over.

We had a three and a half hour gap in between classes today so, determined to make the most of the time, we planned to go to our usual room.

After an editorial meeting, we set off to the room only for a class-mate to inform us that the room was taken.

How dare these random room thieves take our room! It was specially designated to post-graduate students but here was a class taking over.

We eventually found another room but it wasn't the same. It didn't have the atmosphere that our usual room had.

I went back an hour later to see if it was free where I ran into another class-mate. Yet another class had taken the room for the hour and time was running out until my next class of the day.

I must be getting old because that room has become more than a room. It has become my sanctuary at university. It has become my second home.

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