Friday, 15 February 2013

Blogruary Day 15: The Test

Today was dominated by a Shorthand exam that I was desperate to pass after my previous failed attempt at 80 words-per-minute. 

I feared the worst beforehand, but on reflection it wasn't too bad. Sure, the piece was full of strange words that wouldn't regularly be used, for example it regularly said 'fire crew' instead of 'fire service' which I had practised a shortened outline for. 

However, it certainly went better than my previous attempt at this speed so I can hold out hope. 

After the exam I went to the magazine room and got down to work that needed completing. I added some words to a challenging essay about reflecting on a work placement and then I clicked open my e-mail account so I could send the essay to myself and complete it at home. 

I clicked the attachment link and searched for the document. 

It wasn't there. I searched and I searched but I just couldn't find the document. I had downloaded it via an e-mail and I had forgotten to Save As instead of just saving a downloaded document. The idiocy.

I decided to leave my work at this very point, logged off my computer and walked home where I would aim to re-do the work that I had lost with a friendly cup-of-tea. 

Everything's better with tea. 

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