Monday, 4 February 2013

Blogruary Day 4: The Newspaper

I must be one of the few young people who regularly reads a newspaper daily, though I guess this is to be expected seeing as I'm studying for an MA Journalism degree.

However, my course-mates have repeatedly mocked me for my choice of newspaper. You see, I read The Sun.


Yes, I admit that proudly and unashamedly. The Sun is like a burger, a chocolate bar and a bath. There are better quality papers out there but it's like a hug in paper form.

After classes ended today we all went to the pub to round-off another busy but rewarding day. As we set foot in the pub, I realised that I had failed to buy the day's paper. This was the sole task my dad had set me and so I went straight back outside and located The Sun in the nearest newsagents.

I paid the shop owner and went back into the pub. I sat down at the table and took the regular stick that comes with reading The Sun and then tried in vain to defend my choice of paper.

A few seconds later and they had spotted the image of a well-known footballer on the front page looking bloodied and beaten and suddenly they were flicking through 'mocking' the witty and inventive headlines.

By the end, I think they were converted.

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