Monday, 25 February 2013

Blogruary Day 25: The Writing Class

Monday is a strange day at university, we start with a shorthand class then have three hours off before rounding off the day with three hours of law. It makes for a topsy-turvy day.

Usually our law class involves our teacher giving a presentation on one particular area of media law and it isn't the most exciting or stimulating class.

Today, however, the class was a bit different. You see, we got to write court reports.

When I was told that we would have to write up to 1,000 words of court reports as part of our NCTJ assessment, I wasn't particularly thrilled. We would have to go to court in our spare time to find potential cases to report on.

In class we were given an example case and we had to write a report without breaking media law or falling into any deliberate traps set to trip us up.

I found it interesting, exciting and a fairly entertaining challenge. It was more engaging that the news-writing we had previously done and I again began to mentally debate whether court reporting would, in fact, be the best career path to entertain.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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