Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Blogruary Day 26: The Class

As Blogruary draws to a close, I find myself running out of things to write about.

The deadline for our pull-out supplement for the student newspaper is drawing closer and our teacher continues to threaten to pull it and evaporate the remaining confidence that we have as student journalists.

Every time that I believe we have cracked it and settled on ideas and layout, it seems to be changed by our teacher and her team of final-year undergraduates. Today's class continued this theme.

It frustrates me as the Features Editor that I don't actually seem to have any power to edit copy or decide on the vision of the supplement.

On one hand it lightens my work load but on the other it just makes me feel like the promise from the first week of the course that we would be "treated as equals" is in fact little more than a fad.

As the work piles on and the supplement causes more stress than it's worth, I find myself telling my friends that an MA is not worth it.

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