Friday, 1 March 2013

Blogruary Day 28: The Trip To London

It's the last update of Blogruary, but it's a good one!

Thursday is usually quiz night but I had planned to meet my former house mate from my time in Reading. It was quite a late arrangement but we decided to meet in London so the quiz was off for this week.

Just as I got on the train my friend called to say he had to do one more work task so after much discussion, I decided to travel to meet him at his hotel in East London.

I endured a busy tube journey and had to walk down the High Street in East Ham which is truly one of the worst places I have ever had the misfortune of visiting.

He arrived just as I reached his hotel and we were soon back to the tube towards Oxford Circus.

We got off at Oxford Circus and quickly realised that we'd have to walk a bit to find a pub, which we eventually found. It was a nice, small typical London pub and it had a nice array of ales.

We shot the breeze and caught up on each others lives.

The pub closed up at half Twelve so we went our separate ways - myself back home to New Malden and he to East Ham.

I have never been on a train later than Midnight so it was quite eery and creepy to get on a train that is near deserted way after Midnight.

I got home, went to bed and realised that blogruary was over. I will never again have to blog day-in-day-out. My little experiment was over.

It was a fitting day to end a good month.

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