Monday, 25 March 2013

The Driving Decisions

Whenever I am not at university or working, my parents summon me to go round to the cornershop and purchase the day's newspapers.

In a turn of luck, my mum was working a late so I had the luxury of driving round to the shop instead of the mammoth ten-minute walk there and back.

I purchased a copy of The Sun and some milk and then headed back to my car.

After a lengthy wait for two cars to drive down the road thus clearing my path, I turned the corner and down the road.

There are plenty of roadworks going on near my house and the temporary traffic lights brought me to a stop. They quickly turned green and I signalled to go down my road. However, once I had begun to turn I noticed that the bus which goes down my road was stuck at the turning due to a lorry blocking the way.

I was trapped in no-man's land between the two sets of temporary traffic lights.

I could either wait for the lorry and bus to drive down the road or slightly reverse, go straight and then drive round the block to my road.

I opted for the latter and revelled in my genius. I would be home whilst the poor people on the bus would be waiting all day for the lorry to move.

After driving down the adjacent road, I turned into my road. I expected a clear path home but the bus had made it down the road before me and was now stopping outside my house.

A man got off the bus and proceeded to walk behind the bus across the road. Thankfully, I drive like a girl so I was only doing about ten mph and stopped well before we collided.


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