Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Awkward Wait For A Cab

Yet another awkward story brought to you thanks to my very awkward life.

I've just enjoyed a night out with the people on my journalism course and I'm at my friend's flat.

After sitting down and chatting for a while, I call a cab to ensure a stress-free journey home.

20 minutes later and I get a call from the driver telling me he's near the church and after he enquires if it is nearby, I ask him if he could park on the main road near the council building.

I walk down the stairs of my friend's flat and out the front door expecting to walk out along an empty street and get into my cab.

However, life is never that simple. I opened the door of the building and set foot onto the pavement where I noticed flashing blue lights and authoritative voices.

I turned round the corner onto the main road and there was a police van and a police car. There were officers questioning a group of males and I immediately knew this would make my venture to find my cab more difficult than it should be.

I noticed a silver car waiting further down the road so I went up to the window and knocked hoping to gain the attention of the driver to find out if it was my cab.

Seconds after knocking I noticed there was nobody in the drivers seat. Or the passenger seat. However, I did spot two guys in the back of the car and I then clicked that they were part of the group being questioned.

I turned away sheepishly and spotted a police officer standing on the pavement.

"Sorry, have you seen any taxis go past?" I asked in my most polite tones.

He responded that there had been loads and so I set off back down the side street to see if the cab was still by the church.

I hit call on the mobile number he had rung from and he told me he was coming towards the main road.

So, I turned around and went back to the main road. I walked a safe distance from the group of police officers and males and waited on the pavement patiently.

Another police van then tootled along the road and then it started to pull in. It pulled to a stop right next to me and now I felt awkward. I felt uncomfortable.

"What was going on?" I wondered. I got my phone out and text my friend to tell him of the exciting events going on outside his front door.

Then my cab pulled out and cheered by this I walked over to the car and got in.

We were waiting at red lights and after a while we began to wonder if they were broken. We were still sitting at the lights and with police just across the road, we both agreed it perhaps wouldn't be the best to just pull out.

After a good few minutes, the police got into their vehicles and my cab driver pulled away. I was on the way home after a prolonged period of awkwardness.

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