Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Supposed Shoplifters

Whenever you are invited to a birthday party, it is important that you buy a present. However, my friend and I were posed with the dilemma of what to buy our friend's mother whose 50th birthday it was.

We were told to buy Rose wine, which is a classic gift. Women are easy to buy presents for, especially as the top three standard gifts - chocolate, wine and flowers - could all be found in your local garage.

However, my friend and I went the extra mile. We went to Marks and Spencers.

M&S indicates quality. It oozes it in abundance. You see M&S stocks Percy Pigs and we all know how delicious they are.

We mulled around looking for wine (pun intended) and realised the importance of this decision. If we turned up with rubbish wine then we'd be the outcasts of the party. Turn up with a classy wine and we would be the hub of the party.

After around 15 minutes of wine debate, a lady came up to us in the store.

"I shouldn't really do this," she said.

"But I think you should know that security are following you."

This put us on edge and the more we tried to not look suspicious, we probably came across even more suspicious.

We had to quickly decide on a wine, pay and then leave to avoid courting controversy. We settled on a good wine. It wasn't too expensive but wasn't their cheapest. It wasn't the strongest but it was the weak House Wine. We had the perfect average wine to blend in at the party.

We paid for the wine and I tightly held the receipt making it clear that we had paid for our product. We were both good citizens and party guests.

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