Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Behaviour of Friends

I worry about my friends. I really do worry about them.
As has become our new custom, when most of us are at home from university we go to Hampton Wick to sample some delightful, traditional pubs because we've exhausted most of the pubs in Kingston.

It was a night of much debate about politics and after four pints we left in the hunt of some food when one of my friends suddenly appeared to be drunk. After spending numerous hours rigorously debating Thatcher, Labour in the 1980's and international politics, for our friend to suddenly be acting like an over-excited puppy was quite the change in just under a minute.

My friend Alex and I were calm throughout though cringing at the behaviour of our friends. After four months of religiously sticking to my 'Four Pint Limit', I was still well in control and able to acknowledge that whilst Alex doesn't drink. We cringed together at our friends behaviour.

We found a kebab shop and purchased our food and then walked to the place were Alex's mum would pick us up.

After one of my friends tried to post his kebab box, we reached a traffic light. A car had stopped and then was hesitant at pulling away despite a green light. One of my friends motioned to cross but I said not to and then the car decided to drive.

My friend, still acting like an over-excited puppy, then went and gave a little slap to the back of the car. Why? I was now cringing beyond belief.

Maybe it's time I get some new friends.

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