Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Time When I Lost All Sense Of Direction

I write this blog in a state of confusion.

Sure, it's late and I'm tired so that could be the reason why. But, I think there is a further, more important reason behind my confusion.

Recently, I have been attending numerous interviews and assessment centres for graduate jobs. I thought that considering I had quite a few of these, I was sure to get one job offer.

How wrong was I?!

As it turns out, I've been rejected by pretty much all of them. Thus, the application process for yet more jobs has returned to my life and I've spent a fair amount of time filling those long, dreary forms in.

Herein lies the real problem though, what if I don't get a graduate job?

I always thought I wanted to do a Masters if the job route failed, but now that I have an offer for a Masters I suddenly don't want to do that next year.

Then again, I don't want to undertake a full-time job that isn't on a graduate scheme due to the lack of career progression.

I do have a new option though. It's exciting. It's different. It's not fully formed. It's... a bit of a cop out though. Essentially, it suddenly seems most appropriate to get a part-time job the moment I return home from university, re-apply for all the graduate schemes and then once I have an offer secured, I can go off travelling.

It's risky but it seems the most appropriate. I could earn some money, boost my CV yet retain a lot of my independence and then see the world whilst securing a place on a decent graduate scheme.

Anyway, the future is suddenly appearing a long way off now as I've got so much university work to be doing in such little time.

Someone get me a drink please and make it a double!

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