Friday, 10 February 2012

The Job Rejection

It's a typical Wednesday morning for me. I'm at a computer in the university library casually checking my e-mails when I notice that I have a bundle of new mail waiting for me to read. The majority of it is spam or job advertisements, hardly what you can call exciting stuff. Then I see it. It is sitting there in my inbox and I know my fate will be sealed with this single e-mail.

I open the e-mail and I pray. Well, I didn't really pray as that would probably look a bit strange at 10AM in a university library. I scanned through the writing and I was most pleased by the opening compliment of having an "impressive background and experience" but then I saw those fateful words that spelt out my doom, "we have decided on this occasion and after careful consideration not to take your application further".

Drats. I had been rejected for a job by Lidl. Yes, that cheap German supermarket.

I've just realised that you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Well, let me fill you in. As I am a final year undergraduate student, I am currently spending large portions of my time applying for graduate schemes so that I have a well paid job once my time at university comes to an end. On this occasion, I had reached an Assessment Centre for a Graduate Store Manager role with Lidl but I had subsequently failed to reach the next round of the process.

I've suffered a lot of rejection so far but I thought that once I reached an Assessment Centre my personality would shine through and they would offer me the job there and then. Well, perhaps not right there and then. Heck, they even said in the rejection e-mail that they liked my personality. I decided that something must be up, there must be some reason as to why I'm getting nowhere in my job hunt. Then I figured out exactly why.

Cosmic ordering. Of course.

I was stumbling around the internet when I came across a link about Noel Edmonds telling the world about how he believed that cosmic ordering had landed him the plum role as the host of Deal or No Deal. For those who are uncertain as to what cosmic ordering is, well Wikipedia says that "a person can simply write down their wish list and wait for it to become reality" as long as "individuals can use their desires to connect with the cosmos".

Whether it has any solid scientific grounding is slightly questionnable, but if it's good enough for Noel Edmonds then it's good enough for me. Now that is sound logic.

I wrote my wish list down and I spent some time that morning trying to connect my desires with the cosmos.

Later that evening I recieved another e-mail. It was an offer of a telephone interview for a Graduate Management scheme from a well known hotel chain.

That wasn't on my wish list. This cosmic ordering lark clearly wasn't working.

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