Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Time When I Tell You To Ignore What You Previously Read

Yeah. Remember that last blog post I wrote? That one where I said how I was giving up with the graduate jobs? Yeah, that's the one.

Well, ignore what I said.

"WHY!!!" I hear you scream. Well, let's just say it is funny how the world works.

I was in the computer room today and my friend quickly looked something up on Milkround. It was then that I spotted it.

Supply Chain Graduate Programme with Associated British Foods.

What's that? Well, it is basically buying and managing supplies. Interesting? No. Exciting? No. Does it pay well? Yes. As you can see my motivations are in the correct places.

I filled in the application form and then I was passed through to the on-line tests which I passed and I have now received notice that I have made it through to the interview round. Huzzah. Huzzah indeed.

Things took an even more interesting twist, I opened up my second graduate job e-mail account and what do I find?

Some random lady from a random company that I don't remember applying for offering me an interview. Spooky.

Life works in mysterious ways. Perhaps it's time to become as mysterious as possible myself. I always wanted to be described as a mysterious individual.

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