Monday, 26 March 2012

The S Club 7 Reunion

I didn't anticipate to write a blog about this, so apologies if this seems a little stranger than usual, however I have just seen that S Club 7 are reuniting.

Yeah, you read that right. They're back. Hooray!

Celebrated enough? Right, well I was a young, naive, happy little child when S Club 7 were the biggest thing ever. They were the height of cool. I had all the CD's and I watched their TV shows so religiously that S Club were like a cult.

I wanted to be Bradley's best mate whilst I had my own little crush on Rachel. She was dreamy. My favourite song was Don't Stop Movin' and honestly, what kid from that era can say that they didn't love that song.

The day they broke up was probably the day that my childhood ended. I was devastated. It was the worst possible news a child could receive. I was bereft.

They are apparently going to be touring and creating new music. So, I say welcome back: Rachel, Jo, Bradley, Jon, Hannah, Paul and the other one who no-one can quite remember.

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  1. I was just as excited when I heard this, but have you seen the shambles which is the actual reunion? I put a video on my blog here:

    It's enough to make your inner 10-year-old cry.

  2. Yeah I've seen that video, if it wasn't so tragic then it'd be hilarious. Sad times.