Monday, 19 March 2012

The Saturday Spent Drinking

I've always wondered what it would be like to drink all day in various different places partaking in all manner of activities.

I have spent the odd time when I've spent a fair portion of a day drinking, though that was more sporadic and mostly just down the pub. However, this Saturday that all changed.

It began with a trip to Tesco where with stocked up with various assortments of alcohol. We then made the short trip to Hobbycraft to buy a certain, particular type of fabric that would be very important come the evening. We brought a lot of leopard print and I guarantee that all will be explained later.

After this mini-shopping trip, it was time for the pub for round one. It was the conclusion of the 6 Nations and so we watched the crunch Wales vs France game and drunk many a beer. Wales won so anyone but the French population of the university were happy and spirits were high.

We then made it over to my housemates' friends house where beer pong was played. I will let you in on a little secret here, I have never played Beer Pong. Shocking, I know. I think the reason is that since I began drinking, I have just hung around with people who prefer playing Ring of Fire and other games that involve less skill.

After throwing some table tennis balls into some cups slightly filled with beer, we made it over to our friends house to transform ourselves into cave men. Oh, and to fake tan ourselves. It was at this point that I made a mental note to myself, "I look ridiculous with fake tan on".

More drinks were had and by this point, my memory of the night becomes slightly hazy. So, I will skip to the next most interesting point of the night I can remember. My housemate getting kicked out of the Union. Tragic? No. Funny? Yes, most definitely.

So, I accompanied my housemate back to our house and this was where we ran into trouble. Seeing as we where wearing just some fabric, we didn't have our house keys on us. How the hell were we going to get in?

Through the window.

Yep, we tried to get in through the second floor window that was slightly ajar. To get through the window, my housemate tried to push me onto the roof and then climb through. He boosted me up onto the roof whilst standing on the bin and it is now that I should point out that trying to  climb through a fairly high-up window whilst drunk is probably not the best idea.

We abandoned this reckless idea and went to one of the houses we were at during the evening to pick up our key, yet we were unsure if anyone was in. We knocked at the door. No response. So, we knocked again.Success! Someone came to the door, and she didn't look happy. We instructed her to get us our trousers and shirts and we then apologised for waking her up.

I woke up on Sunday morning with some random slight bruises. I'm telling you now that I'm trying to piece together how I got those very bruises.

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