Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Teabag Conflict

As the stereotype goes, us Brits like our tea. Amongst my family, we certainly live up to that. In fact, we quaff so much tea that I honestly wouldn’t be suprised if our bodies were made up of tea, instead of water like the typical human being.

Being the loyal tea consumers we are, Tetley’s can constantly count on our purchasing of their tea bags. However, on one trip to Co-op recently, we purcahsed even more of Tetley’s tea bags. Alongside the traditional round, plain tea bag, my Mum decided it was time to pull our family firmly into the 21st Century of tea bag technology. She decided to purchase drawstring bags. This was big news.

“What are you doing?” I protested.
“What do you mean?” She returned confused.
“Why are you buying drawstring bags when I’ve already stuck some normal teabags in the trolley?”
“I like drawstring bags and it’s time for a change”.

I honestly coulden’t believe this. The cheek of the woman, arrogantly changing our tea drinking ways with these fancy drawstrings. I wanted to shout in her face that “We have a tea making system and it doesn’t involve drawstring bags!” However, she had made her call. She had decided that this was the future.

A week later and my Mum had gone off for a week to go camping due to her involvement with the Guides. A day into the week we ran out of the ordinary, safe, comforting tea bags. If I wanted tea I had to use the damn drawstring bags. They had won. They knew I’d eventually have to use them.

As I found out over the course of the week, they actually make the whole tea making process a hell of a lot easier. Long live the drawstring!

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