Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Surveys

Due to the fact that I am willing to undertake any money making scheme, I have stumbled upon a particularly brilliant one of late.

I was surfing the web, does anyone still use that phrase?, when I came across this fantastic offer from YouGov of £50 for merely filling in surveys. Easy. Even I could do that.

Without a moments hesitation, I had signed up. I am now so important companies would like to know my views on issues such as fishing stock levels, supermarket experiences and whether I am a regular consumer of soft drinks. Seeing as I also love studying the latest political polls, I could now partake in telling YouGov who I would vote for. Fantastic. I was part of the establishment. I was a soundboard. People would suddenly flock to me to hear my views due to the fact I would seen be an experienced person in the field of doing surveys. Plus, the £50 would be able to buy me many pints down the pub. It was a win-win.

As part of the introduction process, I had to fill in a basic survey to consider my suitablity to certain types of surveys that YouGov could issue. Luckily, being a student, from a fairly well off background, in the 16-25 age bracket made me fairly attractive to YouGov.

Having granted YouGov those 10 minutes of my life, I hoped my £50 would be on its way to me. However, I noticed at the end, I had been granted 25 points. Eh. What’s this points nonsense? Being a student in the 16-25 age bracket, I tend not to read the small print. I tend to just dive in head first.

It turns out I need to gain 5000 points to get that £50 cheque. “How am you doing?” I hear you ask. Well let me just say, a few weeks after signing up, I am still 4650 points from that cheque. It’s going to be a while until I’m buying myself pints down the pub thanks to my brilliant, sought after viewpoints.

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