Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Illness

I am writing this blog whilst there is something very rare occuring within me. You see, I am ill. I'll give you a minute to take in that revelation.

This is rare. Very rare. Perhaps, even a new phenomenon. I pride myself on my rarely succumbing to illness. I could probably win awards for this talent. People would probably come far and wide to marvel at my inability to fall ill. Sure, I get the odd cold, but who doesn't?

The symptons are strange too. Aching legs, a mild fever and a very sore throat. I only get aching legs are running or cycling long distances but I certainly hadn't done that recently. I can't recall ever having a fever, though I will admit to having the odd sore throat. Yet, this feels like a killer sore throat. The type of sore throat that could only be acquired through eating a lot of sand. And glass. And gravel. I don't remember eating any of those.

I even felt on the verge of throwing up. I can't tell you how worried I was at this point. I hate throwing up. It actually terrifies me. I would say though that I'm not as terrified about throwing up when I'm drunk but I still can't pinpoint why that is... I honestly can't locate the date, let alone the year, I last threw up when not caused by alcohol.

As you might recall from the last post, I went to the Midlands at the weekend to see my Grandma. Seeing as the symptoms for my illness began the night we arrived home, I really really hope I didn't pass on this illness to her. That'd be terrible.

So, here I am sitting in my chair at home watching television. I am hoping this illness will pass soon as I desperately want to go to Kingston to buy a copy of Ninja Assassin.

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  1. Your illness will certainly vanish soon, I hope and pray.