Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Awkward Chat

It is late afternoon and I am sat revising for an upcoming exam with my friend in the computer room at the University Library. As is almost protocol when studying, you find yourself having many little breaks to have a chat to cure the boredom of revising pointless facts over and over again. Did you know Sweden has a unicameral parliament?

Now me and my friend were about to have a chat that I didn’t expect to have. I was about to be hit with some revelatory news about one of our teachers who everyone quite seemed to like. I should not divulge anymore. It is here where if I were a good writer who liked a gossip then I’d share with you the nature of the conversation, but let’s just say it was suprising.

Anyway, some of my friend’s other friends came over and we thus trotted off to dinner. Whilst I supped at my water and tried to eat a fairly dissapointing burger, the aforementioned teacher suddenly became the centre of the debate engulfing the table. My friend and I began to giggle at the coincidence. Then suddenly, one of the group mentioned that she wanted to go and see the teacher the next day to discuss the upcoming exam. Due to what my friend had told me, we decided we should warn her from going to see him.

We all walked back to the Library with satisfied tummies, however my friend quickly shouted at the girl who wanted to go and see the teacher. He quickly dashed off leaving me to tell her the problem at hand. Seeing as what I was supposed to tell her about the teacher was quite unbelievable as well as being potentially illegal, I panicked and said after many second of silence, ‘I’ll go with you to see him tommorow…as…er…I need to see him as well’.

Phew. I had got away with it. I hadn’t divulged the information that I shouldn’t share, neither did I come across as a crazy wierdo. Wait a minute. Hold on a jiffy. She now looked frightened. Oh shit. She thinks I like her in that way. Oh crap. I had scared someone I only vaguely know and now she thinks I’m in love with her.

I scuttled back off to the computer room and spent the next few hours wondering how to correct the awkward situation. Despite this, I still got a great score on my exam the next day. I’d like to think that’s karma for undergoing that awkward situation.

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