Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Gillette Advert

As a 20 year old man/boy (choose whichever you want), one of the many issues I face is shaving. It’s a tricky area. It’s a dilemma faced the world over. Electric or traditional razor? Wet or dry?

If like me, you choose to go down the route of a traditional basic razor you face the further dilemma of which shaving foam to use. Quite frankly, there are many to choose from. In addition to this, there’s also which brand of razor to buy. Gillette? Bic? Asda’s own? The choices are…quite limited actually.

Anyway, as a long standing Gillette customers, for all of two years, I need to inform and warn everyone of a massive faux pas by Gillette. A fine brand. Until today.

Usually, Gillette has many famous figures advertising their brands. Legends in their fields. The likes of Federer, Henry and Tiger Woods. Fine institutions, I think you may agree.

However, their latest advert is just very bizarre. It features a camera crew going into a gym’s changing room and interviewing various semi-naked men in their various stages of the shaving process. At the end, the interviewer even gets put into a headlock by one of the aforementioned semi-naked men.

I think you’ll agree if you’ve seen it. It’s very, very creepy, and very, very wierd.

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