Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Thought On The Bus

One week into my Master's degree and I have a feeble admission to make. You see, I am really tired.

Each day has usually involved a 10am start with a one hour lunch break until finishing at 4pm. To most this would sound fairly reasonable but I've worked out why I've been so tired since the course started.

It's because I walk to and from campus. This involves a 30 minute walk both ways and I think this level of walking each and every day is contributing to my constant fatigue.

I woke up this morning and I thought I'd treat myself to a trip on the bus to get to university.

"Walking is for delusional fools!" I exclaimed to myself.

After running to make the bus, I paid the driver the ridiculous £2.30 bus fare and chose my seat near the door as it was the only row vacant.

We drove off yet at the next stop a man came and sat next to me. I started to panic. This may make you think that I have some sort of social anxiety, yet you would be incorrect. The problem, quite simply, is that I am paranoid of everyone who gets on the bus with a rucksack.

Ever since 7/7 I have always viewed the backpack carrying people with suspicion. Sure, this guy most probably had his work items in his bag. In fact, I was 99.99% sure of this.

However that 0.01% of doubt niggled at my brain.

The bus trip passed off without incident. Quite simply, who would want to blow up the K2 bus running through the tiny, dull town of Berrylands.

Once I left the bus I entered into a deep thought. Every action has a consequence. Something as little as choosing a seat on the bus could lead to anything. If I had chosen to walk this morning then who knows what could have occurred?

Perhaps it would be wise to think through every action before jumping straight in.

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