Monday, 29 October 2012

The Drunken Job Offer

Thursday was a busy day for me. I handed in my first university assignment and I had to do a mock NCTJ exam in my multi-media reporting class. Once the class was over, all of us MA Journalism students did what journalists do best.

We hit the pub.

Fast-forward two hours and it was 6pm. I was chatting away after a number of pints of Fosters and then suddenly my phone started ringing.

I looked at my screen at it was an unknown. I didn't answer rationing that if it was important then the caller would leave a voice-mail.

To my surprise the caller had left a voice-mail. I popped in my headphones and listened to the message.

I took my headphones out and gasped. I pressed the call back option and I walked outside the pub.

The call lasted roughly ten minutes and I can't really much apart from the core details. The reason for that is that I was fairly tipsy at the time.

As you know from reading this blog, I am currently studying for a Master's degree in Journalism. I am paying £5,800 for this privilege.

The call I received was from confectionery giant United Biscuits. They were offering me a sales job worth £28,000 a year.

I applied for their graduate scheme last year when I was unsure what direction my life would take. I reached the penultimate stage but am now considered worthy of a sales role with their company.

In my drunken haze I said I would call back if I wanted to take the offer but I've yet to.

Essentially, I have turned down £28,000 to give a university £5,800 instead. Am I mad?

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