Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Thought About Friendship

I have had an odd history with regards to friendships.

I was friends with everyone in my class at primary school yet I suffered a dip when it came to secondary school. Once I hit Sixth Form, I found a group of mates that I still see all the time to this very day.

University obviously opened up numerous avenues for making new friends and over my three year course, the people I hung around with completely changed. I am still in contact with numerous people from my time at Reading yet it proves more difficult to meet up with them due to geographic differences.

As I have to recently begun a Master's course, I have come into contact with a lot of people in a very short space of time.

This made me wonder about friendship. Who do I consider my true friends? What qualifies as friendship? Do people view me with a similar level of warmth and status that I view them?

This deep and philosophical thought process took place when trying to get to sleep, but at that point at 12:30 am it all made meaningful sense.

As I can't physically find out the exact thoughts of people, I guess I will never truly know.

Seeing as you seem to drop the number of friends you have once you finish university, it will be interesting to see how the next few years, when I enter the job market and maybe move into my own house, pan out.

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