Thursday, 5 December 2013

Blogmas - December 4

The hunt for the advent calendar continues...

My sister had asked me the day before whether I wanted to go shopping with her. As I now have some disposable income and because I love shopping, I said yes.

We hoped on the K5 - a bus full of old people which fortunately stops down our road. You can never underestimate the brilliance of having a request stop bus going down your road.

The downside of the K5 is that it takes the scenic route to Kingston but we eventually reached our destination.

We immediately went into Starbucks for a warm treat - I had a Toffee Nut Latte and she had a specially made coffee with toffee nut topping.

Our bellies warmer and our breath smelling of toffee tinted coffee we embarked on our Christmas shopping. We visited Superdrug, Lush, HMV, Waterstones and other high-street stores and we spent some money/wonga/dough.

My attention then turned towards the all-important advent calendar.

Boots? No luck.

Waitrose? No luck.

Sainsbury's? No luck.

Superdrug had some but they were clearly for children with cartoon characters that I didn't recognise.

Determined to find one, I dragged my sister - who was now feeling quite ill - to Asda when I remembered that there was a Tesco much closer and near a bus stop.

I am a considerate brother.

"Do you have any advent calendars," I asked the store assistant.

"Yes, we have a few here," he said pointing to three battered and bruised looking Mars calendars.

I chose the least battered and bruised of the bunch and I picked up a couple of packs of mince pies and made my way to the self-scanning till.

Christmas has begun.

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