Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Return to the Gym

I often wonder if sometimes I should actually be trusted with money.

The reason I say this is because of the fact that I have been paying out £16.99 a month for gym membership since last June.

I went to the gym over the summer consistently until I stopped when the university year started and degree work took over.

However, every Sunday evening I would say to myself that I would get back into going to the gym.

The following day and I would fail to fulfil this promise.

It will please you to know that I did go to the gym one Tuesday morning a couple of months into my degree when I had a free couple of hours and access to a car to get to Kingston.

Since then I had not been yet I had still been paying the money all that time.

Yesterday saw my return. It was hard work and any progress that I made last summer has gone but at least I can start to justify paying the membership fee.

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