Friday, 28 December 2012

The Post-Christmas Blog

Don't you just hate that four day period between Boxing Day and New Year's Eve? You know, that run of days on the 27th to the 30th where not much happens? 

People are back at work, some are still with their family in far-flung destinations and most are too full from Christmas food to get up out of their chairs. 

So we are consigned to spending most of these days indoors. To make things ever worse, the top-quality television is over and replaced by some sub-par films such as Princess Diaries 2 and happy Christmas songs have been axed from radio playlists. 

I think I've cracked what these days are to be used for. They are to be enjoyed through the eating of more food, the drinking of more soft-drinks and alcohol and playing with those recently received presents. 

I'm testing out my new laptop cooler, how exciting! 

What did you get for Christmas? How will you spend this period of four pointless days?


  1. The trick is to plan ahead. A pile of DVDs, a fridge full of alcohol, and a stack of trashy novels. All essential Xmas to New Year items.

  2. I'll make a note of this for next year :)