Friday, 25 January 2013

The Catch Up Blog

I should start off this blog with an apology, having not posted in nearly four weeks.

In that time I ushered in 2013 in a tiny, empty and run-down pub in Kingston watching the fireworks on television having not made it in time to get into a livelier, hipper pub.

The beginning of the year also saw me endure daily hour-long journeys into London to have a useful two-week work experience placement with The Sunday Times Travel Magazine. Whilst I will probably now suffer the consequences of not going to a local paper to fill my portfolio further, the opportunity to work at News International can only look good on my CV. I hope...

Since that placement finished, I have enjoyed not having to suffer a daily commute and I began what I call 'Homework Club' with my remaining friends at home. It's been a semi-productive two-weeks where the highlight has been writing 1/3rd of an essay due in for the end of May.

I've been studying my timetable for the coming term of my degree and I decided that it is best if I agree to just write off my life for the next three months. It is that busy, but I still hold out hope that this MA will be worth in in the long run.

As I realised that I perhaps didn't write enough last term, I have decided to write every day from February 1st. So in February, I will blog every single day. It will be termed 'Blogruary'.

So make sure to subscribe to the blog. I will see you in February.

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