Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Writers Block

If I haven't written anything for longer than a week then usually that is due to a legitimate, actual time-consuming reason that means I haven't been able to commit anything to paper. Well in this cause the internet, I guess...

This time it would be a case of my lying if I were to fob you off with an excuse. Really, I just feel like I've hit a block over the last couple of weeks.

It isn't that I've run out of ideas. It's just that nothing exciting has happened in the past fortnight.

Sure, I've been out. I've been to the cinema. I've been to the pub. I've met up with friends. I've carried on going to the gym. I even enrolled at university last week for my Master's degree.

The reality is that nothing has been overly exciting to write home about, share with the internet and divulge to you.

The last two weeks have flown by. It felt like only yesterday that we were waving goodbye to August and with it the summer, and subsequently ushering in September and the early evenings of autumn.

I have one last week free. One final week to do as I will before I start my new degree and, ultimately, give up the next year of my life.

I ate two bananas today.

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