Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Positive Thought

So, my idea to follow Danny Wallace in his Yes Man philosophy was a relative success. I definetly did more things and got up to new adventures, however, I was merely copying an idea that has already been done. Though, would I say yes more in the future? Without doubt.

After a night out on Wednesday, I came up with an idea that I think can surely lead me to being a more positive person. Essentially, from Monday onwards, for a period of one week, I will attempt to not utter one negative comment.

Sure, it's ambitious. Will it be possible? Quite possibly not but one can only try.

Why do I feel I have to be more positive? Well, I've been writing in my graduate job applications that I am a positive, people person so to prove I'm not lying, I'm going to have to be positive.

Wish me luck.

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